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      Cable Fault Locator (MegaSeek)

           Cable Fault Locator(MegaSeek)

   A. Introduction

     MegaSeek is a device to detect the fault points as inverted Type Murray Bridge method.

     It shows excellent ability of location in following case.
     (1) Between Conductor and shield ……. Electrical breakdown of insulator 
(2) Between Shielding and Ground …… Poor insulation in corrosion-poof layer

     (3) Between Conductor and Ground …. Poor insulation in cable without Shielding

       MegaSeek has two ways to locate a fault point.

     One is to locate at terminals and the other is needle-electrode method to pinpoint

 a fault point along cable route in combination with the signal voltage generator.

   Two methods could be used either alone or together.

   B. Features

          1. Excellent in detecting sensitivity.
The unit is capable of detecting even a faulty spot resistance value of  1,000Kohm(1Mohm) at a detecting
error of 1%.
For 10% error, a resistance value of  10Mohm can be detected.

Therefore,  work involved for carbonizing by DC current to reduce the faulty spot resistance
value becomes unnecessary.

          2. Free from electric shocks

Since the unit operates on a dry battery of only 1.5V, it is quite safe without any danger
 for the operator to have electric shocks.

          3. Usable in the absence of external power source

Owing to the measuring power supply incorporated, the unit can be  used in places without
  any AC power sources.

          4. Operative even if the cable is spaced from the operator.

Since it is  not  absolutely necessary to use  particular  measuring  lead wires as required
in the conventional bridges,
                there is no problem even when the cable
  to be tested is spaced
 a certain distance  from  the operator  of the unit.

          5. Easy to carry about

Everything required for cable fault detection has been  accommodated in one compact unit of MegaSeek.

      Since the unit can be easily carried about by one person, it is possible not only to
 save labor,
              but also to effect quick dispatch of a service man.

    C. Specifications

         (1) Size : W272 x D400 x H195mm

        (2) Weights : about10Kg (Included Acc’ Lead wire)

        (3) Including
  Internal power (Battery)

      ① For Measuring : 1.5V x 1pc , ② For current cancelling : 1.5V x 1pc ,
 ③ For galvanometer : 9V x 1pc

       (4) Internal galvanometer : YEW Electronic ,  input impedance 9Kohm

       (5) Measuring power
          ①  Output Voltage : 0~1.5VDC  ,   Output Current : 0~20ADC

 Output Time : ON/OFF by Push Button  switch, 1~10sec / 1 time

       (6) Detecting sensitivity : Fault resistance 1,000Kohm (= 1Mohm )  scale 1% error

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