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1. OLCM-S  Photo

Automatic On-Line Cable Monitoring system  for ( high ) medium voltage cable (AOLCM-S)

AOLCM-S (Fixed Installation Type)
OLCM-S image for unarmoured cable OLCM-S image for armoured cable

For Unarmoured Cable
(Size: W900 x D600 x H2,350mm)

For armoured Cable
(Size : W3,200 x D600 x H2,350mm)

2. What's the OLCM
      This is abbreviation of On-Line Cable Monitor,   
      as "Insulation monitoring system for high voltage cable on energized(Live Line) condition“.

3. Types of OLCM-S
   1) Fixed type : AOLCM-S (Automatic OLCM)
   2) Semi fixed type :AHPOLCM-S
  (Automatic half portable OLCM-S)

4. Characteristics of OLCM-S
   1) Becoming free from danger of men and electric  accident
Everybody is safe from man and electric accident  cause nobody and nothing do not touch cable
directly when measuring.
    2)  It is possible to save employee and time
     Becoming to measure automatically from computer  while it is supplying power .
  3)  Protection from sudden cable insulation  destruction in advance 
Protection of cable insulation in advance through  measuring everyday by using computer.
  4)   It is safe from electric distribution system
        Design is based on user's grounding system and using grounding line as a signal source line.
  5)  It is very useful for electric customer which is  possible to be damaged of sudden blackout.

5. Voltage line and grounding type  which is possible to apply
    1) Voltage line :  Medium Voltage(2~7kV),  High Voltage(7~33kV), etc
   2) Bus grounding type : All of grounding method   (Direct, Resistance grounded, Non-grounded, Etc)
   3) Grounding method of cable sheath which is  possible to apply : Single Point bonding
(Solid bonding, multiple bonding  are impossible to apply)

6. Measurable target of OLCM-S

measurable target of OLCM-S

Item ofItem of


Range of

Target of Monitoring

Sheath layer



Cable's sheath or external insulation

Status of terminal
connection kit


Statistics process method
(When sheath layer is good)

Terminal and connection kit
in of cable

7. Basic measurement principle of OLCM-S 

Principle of OLCM-S
      1) Detection of leakage-current component which is  flowing into earth through sheath of cable.
       2) Detection of DC leakage-current component which is flowing between earth and sheath, as injecting

           DC signal voltage into sheath of cable.
      3) With leakage-current is detected by result like above,
monitoring about sheath layer's insulation and
terminal connection kit in of measurable target cable .

8. AOLCM-S's block diagram(3~33kV)
AOLCM-S' block diagram 
9.Standard specification of several device

    1). Structure of device

         (1) Grounding-selection device of monitoring target cable

                 Necessary quantity (Standard: 30 feeder)

         (2) Data manager (Panel PC) : 1Set

         (3) Control device : 1Set

   2). Size of device (In case of 30 feeder)

         (1) For  Unarmoured Cable cable :W900 x D600 x H2,350mm

         (2) For armoured Cable cable :W2,400 x D600 x H2,350mm

                (In case of 20 feeder, W1,600 x D600 x H2,350mm)

   3). Etc

        When need to monitor from a distance, it is possible to make remote  control system using LAN Network.


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